Nausicaä Hathor Bohanan

Nausicaä Hathor Bohanan

I volunteer for CUMC as resident code monkey and general technical guru. Web and mobile developer. Data scientist. Software engineer.

I am CUMC's treasurer. I smile smile when watching my sons sing in the choir.

Above is a video of a piece of my faith journey.

When I am not paying the bills, I enjoy mowing the lawn; eating dinner with my husband and sons, and playing with my family.

As director of children and bell choirs and Christian education team leader, I bring my infectious enthusiasm to music practice and the classroom and provide leadership to a fantastic team of teachers.

I'm pictured above with some of our church's kids!

And with the youth bell choir!

I am CUMC's administrator (pictured with my husband Pete). When I am not keeping JP organized, I am creating works of art, spending time with my family, or following tennis.

As CUMC's head of facility maintenance, I can fix anything with WD-40 or duct tape. I coordinate church-wide work days and analyze and provision outside contractors.

I enjoy trips to the hardware store, plowing snow on Christmas, and contemporary worship music. I've got a great handshake and an easy laugh.

I serve as CUMC's custodian and financial secretary, and I appreciate getting to know people personally and learning their stories.

I lead teams of offering counters and church-wide clean up. I help care for my grandchildren and clean up after Ken. I love to spend a snow day in the cab of the truck as Ken makes his rounds with the plow.