70 Years of The ADVANCE

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The Advance

Celebrating 70 years of The Advance: God’s love at work in
visionary ideas

No Malaria
is one of the health initiatives that is supported by The
Advance. It is also the kind of visionary, world-changing thinking that The
Advance has supported for 70 years: Malaria has been eradicated in the United
States since the 1950s; why shouldn’t it be eradicated in the rest of the world
as well?

An Imagine No Malaria mobile clinic program funded by The Advance (Advance
#3021190) goes from village to village in Mozambique to provide not only
malaria testing and education, but also other medical services, such as general
screening, HIV testing, eye consultation, weighing and vaccination of children,
and family planning.

Imagine No Malaria is just one of more than 600 mission projects supported
through The Advance. The areas of impact for Advance projects extend to the
whole of the human experience:

  1. Food & Agriculture
  2. Evangelism and Church Growth
  3. Disaster Response & Recovery
  4. Education
  5. Health
  6. Economic Empowerment
  7. Social Justice
  8. Water & Sanitation
  9. Women & Children
  10. Mission Personnel
  11. Migration

Since 1948, The Advance has been connecting the
generosity of United Methodists with the needs of people throughout the world.
Thanks for being a part of God’s love at work.

Rev. Russell Pierce
Executive Director for Mission Engagement
General Board of Global Ministries