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The Life of Worship ...

We serve a God who first loved us – before we ever knew God by name. We follow Jesus who gave himself – before we had any interest in the gift. We are offered life by the Spirit of God – long before we discovered that we craved it.

In our worship, we seek to be formed by God’s gift of life and to make every day a gift back to the God who loves, gives, and offers life. We have opportunities to offer those gifts in worship - music, hospitality, stories.

Living Room Church, 10:45 Sundays: This livestreamed worship experience is hybrid, paired with an in-person worship experience. The interactive elements of the online only experience will remain in this new setting. These services remain available "on demand" on our website.

Sanctuary Church, 9:00 and 10:45 Sundays: Sanctuary worship is on Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:45 am in our sanctuary. These services will also be live streamed and on demand. During most of these services, we have breakout sessions for children.

Adventure Church, 9:00 Saturdays: Our new Adventure Church group gathers on Saturday mornings for a hike, generally an hour plus and around two miles in length, with dogs welcome. We pause on the trail to read Scripture and pray together and continue in conversation as we go.