A COVID-19 Prayer

. 1 min read

By Bishop Ernest S. Lyght

God of faith and science, we turn to you in the midst of the
COVID-19 pandemic, because we trust you. We trust you
because you listen to our prayers. We trust you because you act
in our lives and our history for our welfare. We trust you because
we know you as a God of revelation in faith and science.

God of knowledge and wisdom, we ask that you would dwell with
all the scientists who are working daily to develop an effective and
safe vaccine to combat this virus. Help them to collate current
knowledge and be conduits of new knowledge regarding the
secrets of the COVID-19 virus. Grant them the wisdom to unlock
the keys that will provide helpful COVID-19 therapies and

God of curiosity and wonder, grant the scientists the
inquisitiveness of George Washington Carver who combined his
love of God and his love of science in his quest to unlock hidden
agricultural secrets. As the God of the sweet potato, the peanut
and the soybean, you enabled Carver to discover their secrets as
he united faith and science, wisdom and knowledge, curiosity and

God of all creation, in this Eastertide we pray for all coronavirus
patients, their doctors and their nurses. We ask that you be a
fence around all healthcare workers, first responders, and their
families. Expand our faith and buoy our hope as we shelter in
place. Lord, teach us how to wait, for you are an on-time God!