A Prayer for Independence Day

. 1 min read

Given at the Mountain Top on the Move parade program at the Wright Township Building. A fabulous parade and program this year!

Holy God,
who has made from one all the nations and families of earth,
who declares that every human being is made in your image,
the founders of our nation
understood these truths to mean that all men are created equal.
We have come to understand that this equality includes
·      women
as well as men,
·      slave
as well as free,
·      alien
as well as native,
·      stranger
as well as neighbor,
·      those
who disagree with us as well as those who agree with us.
Today, as we celebrate the unique gifts of our nation,
·      give
us grace to honor one another in the debates that divide our nation,
·      give
us humility as we remember that the whole world is in your hands, and
·      give
us the fortitude to work for the day when justice rolls down like water and
righteousness like a mighty stream.
With respect for the many ways that we call upon you, I offer my
prayer in the name of Jesus.