Agricultural Consultant

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Hakob Margaryan is an agricultural consultant for UMCOR (The United Methodist Committee on Relief) Armenia’s FRB (Foods Resource Bank) program. He joined UMCOR in 2004.

Within this program, Margaryan spends most of his time conducting assessments of cattle, poultry and beehives in communities or establishments where UMCOR has provided livelihood support. These include vulnerable communities, orphanages, elderly homes, boarding schools and psychiatric hospitals throughout various regions of Armenia.

“I am proud of my work,” says Margaryan. “I feel good that I can help people, farmers and community members with my knowledge and professional experience, and that I’m acknowledged by many of them as a high-quality specialist. I’m very glad to be working for UMCOR, with its very kind staff, among whom I have many good friends. I value my work, particularly taking into account the fact that via UMCOR, I am able to provide assistance to the socially vulnerable,” continues Margaryan. “I am thankful to God that he granted me this profession, so that I may be useful to society.” 

A Yerevan State Agricultural University graduate, Margaryan for many years worked with multiple collective farms, communities and farmers as a veterinarian. This experience helped hone his professional skills and prepare Margaryan for his current position with UMCOR.

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