All About Jesus

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Christ Church, Mountain Top; Ascension, Confirmation, Communion
Acts 1.1-11
of discipleship
      Confirmation class with Tim & Kim
            Weekly class
            Faith Walk – synagogue, Episcopal
            Worship at Wesley Village
            Retreat at Kirby House
      The twelve with Jesus
            Teaching: “Repent, for the kingdom
of heaven has come near”
                  (Mt 4.17)
            Healing – manifestation of the
            Death & Resurrection –
            Forty days of appearances – “Will
you restore the kingdom?”
now, all our questions are not answered.
      Jesus’ disciples: “Is this the time when
you will restore the kingdom?”
      Intellectual, from doubt or reason
      Experience, why or how long
now, we wait for something more.
      Jesus’ disciples: Not fully satisfied with
resurrection, still more
      High school graduation, college
      Confirmation is not the END of a faith
journey, but a new beginning
      “As you received Christ Jesus as Lord, so
continue …” (Col 2.6)
      “Wait until you have received the gift”
now, we desire Jesus.
      Jesus’ disciples: Gazing into heaven … why
should they go without?
            Luke: “wrote about all that Jesus
began to do and teach” (Ac 1.1)
      Our experience of Jesus’ absence
            Communion: “proclaim his death …
      Our experience of Jesus’ presence
            Confirmands: largely from the people
in this room
            Also in mission – all Jesus BEGAN to
do and teach (NIV)

                  “You will be my witnesses”