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Aviation ministry

. 1 min read

The United Methodist Aviation Ministries (UMAM), an outreach ministry of The General Board of Global Ministries, is literally saving lives. 

A Congolese-led ministry of transportation, connection and service to many rural communities in Africa, UMAM works out of three conferences in the Democratic Republic of Congo—North Katanga, Central Congo and Southern Congo—supporting emergency relief efforts, evangelism, education, church and leadership development, and other ministry needs. 

In this new video, watch United Methodist missionary pilots Jacques Akasa Umembudi, Wings of Caring; Rukang G. Chikomb of Southern Congo Wings of the Morning; Markus Wolfmaier who serves the Central Congo Episcopal Area, and missionary Stephen Quigg who supports aviation ministries around the world, as they passionately discuss their work and mission. – See more!