Be F.A.S.T. - recognize stroke

Be F.A.S.T. - recognize stroke

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B:  Balance: loss of balance, headache, dizzy
E:  Eyes: Blurred or funny vision, double vision
F:  Face: drooping on one side
A: Arm: or leg weakness or unable to move. Ask person to raise both arms, are they unable to raise both? Does anything feel numb?
S: Speech: Unable to speak, slurred or garbled, difficulty swallowing
T: Time to call 911. DO NOT drive the person yourself.

What time did symptoms start?
When was the last time you saw the person normal?
This is important as it will determine what treatment will be best.

It is critical to tell the ambulance crew if the patient is on any blood thinner including Aspirin. When did they last take it?
Know their allergies and medical issues such as Heart Disease or Hypertension

Stay calm
Speak slowly and quietly call 911

Place all the patient's medications in a bag for ambulance crew to give to ED.

Every time a stroke goes unnoticed 30,000 brain cells die. There is no time to “wait and see.” Someone in the US has a stroke every 40 seconds.

Teach your family how to recognize the symptoms and BE FAST.

Cathy Gegaris