Being Grateful

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Thanks to Kim for sharing the message on Sunday Nov 25.

Being grateful, having gratitude is
Having an attitude of gratitude is
free and will improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. And
when we extend our gratitude toward others – it also can improve their
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves
What a Beautiful Priceless gift God
has given us.  I know we just had
thanksgiving, A perfect reminder to be thankful and have gratitude. So lets not
save it only for this time of Year. How can we learn – How can we create a
habit to be thankful and have a heart of gratitude daily?
Studies have shown that a 25%
increase in happiness occurs with an attitude of gratitude. University of
California Psychology Professor, .and leading scientific expert on gratitude,
Dr. Robert Emmons wrote in his book “Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude
can make you Happier”,( 2017) that  “Gratitude is literally one of the few things
that can measurably change people’s lives. His studies  have shown that people who regularly practice
gratitude- meaning- taking the time to notice and reflect upon the things
they’re thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep
better, express more compassion and kindness and even have stronger immune
systems. All that just for being Thankful!!! 

Lets practice…Look at the people
around you and Let them know you are grateful for them today!
In Today’s Scripture Luke, told the
story of 10 men with Leprosy who saw Jesus walking nearby. They ran toward
him…not to close as those with Leprosy were considered contagious and unclean.
Jesus told them to start walking to see the priest (The priest were the ones
who declared people clean or unclean.) As they started walking toward the place
where the priests would be, their bodies became clean of Leprosy.  What a joy that must have been for them!.
They would be able to return back to their families,  their jobs, their communities etc. I can only
imagine the conversations of great joy they were having with each other. Now one
man came running back to Jesus, fell at His feet and praised Him loudly.. Thanking
him for healing him! What a blessing. However, Jesus himself, wondered out
loud, where were the other 9. Didn’t I heal 10? . Has no one returned to give praise
except one. He then said Rise and go;  Your faith has made you well” As much
as Jesus was probably disappointed that only one returned to thank Him. He was
also very excited that this man was now going to have a deeper relationship
with Him.  Amazing…he got double healing.
The 2nd one so much more meaningful. .to have that special
relationship with Jesus Christ
Ask yourself which leper you would
be?. Is being thankful a common practice for you? Do you want a deeper
relationship with Jesus. Start by training yourself to be Thankful, to show
thanks, to give thanks and Be filled with Thanksgiving . Without being Thankful
we are not pleasing to Jesus. It is important that we have a relationship with
Jesus, being thankful to Him each day develops that relationship. Each moment
you spend time Praising God, thanking Him you are allowing yourself to get
closer to Him. Even being thankful for this one breath will calm your spirit;
bring your focus to Jesus. “The more we are thankful, the more connected we are
with Jesus. Even in the bad times, uncomfortable or unfortunate situations we
want to practice our thankfulness.
In Phillippians 4:6-7 that was read
Do not be
anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”.
 Paul wrote
those words while confined to a Roman prison. Each of us from time to time feel
like we are in a prison too. Whatever your prison happens to be God is there
with you. Being thankful to God will take the sting out of adversity. It may
not change the external situation, but it will change YOU. Praising Jesus,
being prayerful and mindfully thankful will change your spirit, your mind, your
soul and your heart.  Be willing to let
go and Let God
I saw this picture yesterday on FB
that  I thought was very interesting. It
was a picture of what the illustrator thought Jesus would look like before
being put on the cross. Use your imagination and picture in your mind’s eye
what you think Jesus would have looked like after the beatings he endured on
Good Friday.  And sitting next to him was
a person telling Him all his problems. Imagine that person is you complaining
about all the problems you have to endure .  It made me think….I don’t have anything to
complain about. Jesus died on the cross for my sins, look at what He had to
endure. so what am I focusing on .  I
want to be like Paul and be able to sing and praise Jesus, be thankful for even
the smallest thing and keep my connection to what is important… Jesus. Also, what
is also important is the best commandment Jesus taught us. I’ll  give you the easy quick version, taught in my
confirmation class. Love God, Love everyone
 So .What is getting your attention all day? .
What are you focusing on? Are you ready to start a new more mindful way of
thinking and feeling?.  Let’s focus on
being thankful daily.
Being Thankful if practiced
regularly becomes a habit. It’s the best one we can have because it’s the
healthiest. People who regularly practice gratitude ( taking the time to notice
and reflect upon the things they’re grateful for experience more positive
emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion, kindness ad
even have stronger immune systems.  Now
that’s some great extra benefits!!!
The late American writer and poet
Mayo ( Mi ya) Angelou,  did a video on a
complaint free world.  ( She did a video
for Will Bowen, who is a former minister of a small Midwestern church and
currently is  founder of a Complaint Free
World movement and several books. One of them  called “A Complaint Free World, How to stop
complaining and start enjoying the life you always wanted”. 2017 He is
currently a speaker helping people become more complaint free)Mayo ( Mi ay)
took one of his seminars and asked “what if 1% of the world population was
complaint free”. Imagine what would happen to our world. We would treat others
differently, we would laugh more frequently, we wouldn’t blame others for our
mistakes or hate them for mistakes they made that affected us negatively. She
recommended we follow Will’s advice and training  and try to be complaint free for 21
days.  Wear one of his purple bracelets
on one wrist, each time you complain you switch it to the other wrist. Goal is
to leave on one wrist for 21 days straight. The founder, Will Bowen  said takes 3-4 months to do 21 days in a row
of being compliant free. You can check it out on Complaint free world movement.
( add joke here)
  Let’s  Work
on creating a new habit. Who would YOU
Become in the
process of becoming compliant free?  How would you see the world, your country,
your city, your neighborhood, your neighbor, your family, yourself? Ponder that
thought for a moment. Certainly, courtesy would be re invited into this
world.  People would speaker kinder to
each other. You would speak kinder to yourself. Amazing thoughts to contemplate
I won’t ask you to practice being
complaint free for 21 days, but I am going to suggest you give it a try for 1
day. Then if you liked it, try it again the next day. Its not easy, but it will
give you an awareness of what your complaint meter looks like.  Again, another thought to ponder
A great way to help you connect
with Jesus more on a daily basis and to help you with complaining less is to
keep a gratitude journal. Anyone here keep one already? Do you find it helpful
in your Christian journey too? In a gratitude journal you get the opportunity
to write brief reflections on moments which you are thankful for. Somedays it
might be you get to lay your head on a pillow at night to sleep.
Gratitude journaling helps us to
reframe our thinking, We can start noticing new things, or the same old takes
on a new look. Its like being a child who discovers things for the 1st
time , or being with someone who see snow and feels snow for the first time.
You can start each day by writing
down one thing you are grateful for. Or your whole family can have a grateful
jar, that you write a grateful thought on a piece of paper an put in the jar.
The whole family can read these once a month together. What great memories to
Let us be like the leper who came
running back to Jesus and express HIs gratitude for healing. There are many way
to experience God’s healing. The more connected we are with Him, the more we
will be aware of what His healing is for us. Be grateful, stay in Thanksgiving,
stay in prayer,
Love God, love everybody.
And Jesus will say to you’ “Your
Faith has healed you” And all God’s people said Amen
Lets stand and sing Hymm #           in your hymnal. And focus on how you
can walk and talk with Jesus . starting with gratitude and Praise