Church Council and Governance News

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Please pray
for these persons who have made themselves available to lead us and serve the
mission of Christ Church:
Jane Dodson
Gordy Hartmann
Joe Hersh
Jeff Hirt
Linda Reese
Tim Shearer
Gary Shupp
Sue Strittmatter
Carole Williams
meetings are generally scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm
in the Quilting Room. Dates for the first quarter of 2015 are Jan 12, Feb 9,
and Mar 9. All interested persons are invited to attend.
As we close
out 2014, we have approved several new items or initiatives. Stay tuned for
more information as the final details are confirmed and delivery or start dates
are announced!
  • ·        
    white paraments (from our Memorial Fund)
  • ·        
    gas stove (an initiative of George Wilt and our Hospitality Team, funded by a
    special gift)
  • ·        
    staff (seed money provided by a special gift)

We are also
beginning the process of exploring options for fire and smoke alarms and for
improvements to our sound system. In addition, state law regarding clearances
for persons working with children, and for mandated reporting, has recently
changed. We are in the first phase of compliance.