Church in Honduras prepares to plant its FIFTH new congregation!

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A sign at the entrance to the city of Danlí, Honduras, offers an invitation to visit the Central United Methodist Church. The Rev. Jose Roberto Peña, the church's pastor, said,

By the Rev. Gustavo Vasquez
March 13, 2018 | DANLÍ, Honduras (UMNS)
The Central United Methodist Church of Danlí is considered the first organized church of the United Methodist mission in Honduras.
It began in 1997 as a mission initiative of Bishop Armando Rodriguez, who was the leader of the Methodist Church in Cuba. At that time, Rodriguez had retired from episcopal duties and became a missionary of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries.
With 200 members and an average attendance of 80 congregants, the church has Sunday school with groups of all ages, worship service, prayer service and five growth groups. It has several ministries oriented to outreach and community service — providing food for children at risk of malnutrition and a recovery program for people with addictions. It also provides pastoral accompaniment to workers in a local tobacco factory.
Currently, the church is evaluating opening a new congregation and studying options to select the most appropriate location. The Danlí church has a lot of experience in this area, as it has already started four other churches.