Church in Madagascar feeds the hungry

Church in Madagascar feeds the hungry

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By Esdras Rakotoarivony
Jan. 15, 2024 | ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar (UM News)

Members of the first United Methodist church in the island nation of Madagascar took their ministry on the road to help a community facing food challenges.

In Faratanjona, located about 75 miles from Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital, many of the village’s 1,500 residents lack basic commodities and the community doesn’t have infrastructure, including schools, clinics and roads.

Climate change and other natural factors have greatly reduced crop production in the regions, hindering planting, producing and harvesting.

Led by lay preacher Jean Aime Ratovohery, 12 adults and several youth from Ambodifasika United Methodist Church in Antananarivo visited the village for four days in November to conduct an outreach mission.

“The choice of this rural area was in response to their request to assist them with foodstuffs,” Ratovohery said. “The community faces drastic challenges.”

A year ago, church members began sharing their faith with the people of Faratanjona.

“I was moved to hear the local population express their desire to hear the word of God for strength and renewed hope,” Ratovohery said.

To provide physical and spiritual nourishment, the recent outreach began with the youth singing praise songs, attracting a sizable audience. Ratovohery delivered a sermon.

“People, young and old, followed the chanting,” said Ranivoharisoa Hanitra, a youth leader from Ambodifasika United Methodist.

Youth member Raharimalala Henintsoa said the mission was two-fold.

“We, the youth, have come not only to share the word of God with this community, but (also) to provide much-needed food aid,” Henintsoa said.

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