Clean Water in Cameroon - One Great Hour of Sharing

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Some members of the Bongeh community in Cameroon that are benefitting from established water points.

Thanks to funding provided by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to the Bongeh Women Common Initiative Group in Cameroon, West Africa, more than 25,000 people will have clean drinking water.

Njilah (Nseh Bongeh Boyar), a remote rural community, is home to mostly subsistence farmers, who rely on small agricultural farm holdings. The community has never had potable water. Existing water sources have been contaminated by animals, and natural springs have dried up because of a lack of care. Villagers face health hazards, even death.

UMCOR has been working with the Bongeh Women Common Initiative Group, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to upholding the rights of Cameroonian women and children, to address these issues and ensure access to and safe supply of clean, potable water. 

UMCOR funding is extending the project to provide a large water storage tank and support water conservation education, environmental awareness, construction of three spring sources, and the purchase of necessary materials and equipment.

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