Colon Health

Colon Health

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When should you see your doctor: Screening with Cologuard or Colonoscopy for asymptomatic/low risk, no family history of colon/rectal/anal cancer should start at age 45 for African Americans and age 45 to 50 for all others.

Colorectal Cancers rising in the young, unclear as to why. May be sedentary lifestyles and not enough activity.

What should you be alert to?

  1. Pain when you poop
  2. Narrow stool or constipation
  3. Blood in stool
  4. Abdominal pain/pressure

What can you do to help prevent Colon/Rectal/Anal Cancer?

  1. HPV vaccine for children of age
  2. Fruits/Vegetables, whole grains
  3. Less processed foods, less meat
  4. Get moving: be active with moderate activity at least 3 x per week

Call your family doctor with any of the above signs so you can be evaluated and have testing done.

Here is to Good Health

Cathy Gegaris