Conversation starters - June 20

Conversation starters - June 20

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How has your perspective of Jesus changed over your life?

How does love change our point of view or perspective of someone else? Of our self?

Share a story of making a judgment, only to discover that “every judgment is self-judgment”?

How do you do at loving yourself “with detachment”?

Discuss: “I shall study how I may be tender without being soft; gracious without being ingratiating; kind without being sentimental; and understanding without being judgmental” (Howard Thurman).

Discuss: “This relatedness to God … will enable me to thread life’s mysteries with life’s clue. It is this, and this alone, that will make it possible for me to stand anything that life can or may do to me. I shall not waste any effort in trying to reduce God to my particular logic…. I shall give myself in love to God” (Howard Thurman).