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Denim Faith #1: The Butcher and Baker

. 3 min read

Christ Church, Mountain Top
Faith: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Lunch Pail Crowd, and Leviticus
to Worship, Psalm 9.11-20
Children, Mark
4.1-9 (parable of the sower)
Leviticus 7.1-17
Gritty Dirt Band song, “Little
Mountain Church House”
      The death trap for thru-reading the Bible
Strange practices
      7 chapters on butchering (and baking) for
      Who you can and cannot have sex with
      Rules for fair fights
      Bodily discharges and ritual uncleanness
immediately on Exodus’ – tabernacle specs and construction
      Leading into tabernacle worship (sacrifice
& priesthood)
Peterson: Suspicious that the preacher who focused on tabernacle worship actually
knew nothing of butchering (The Pastor)
favorite butchering story – the deer brains

Strange thinking
combined, extensive analogies, unexpected directions
      Ellen Davis – farmer and farm, harvest and
      Letter to the Hebrews – Christological
(ACCS, OT III, 170):
fire is perpetual that is never extinguished on the altar. The altar of God is
our heart. Fire must always burn in it, for the flame of charity must always
burn on it for God…. The priest who feeds the fire on the altar and puts wood
on it each day is each one of the faithful. To keep the flame of charity from
going out in himself, he does not cease to gather both the examples of the
elders and the testimonies of Holy Scripture…. And the command is good, to
gather wood each day in the morning.
Give the best
      “without blemish”
      “choice flour” (grain offering, Lv 2)
      “the fat” – the best part (the mighty,
wheat, the earth)
      “blood” – the life of something, actually
has voice
fat is the LORD’s.  17 It shall be a
perpetual statute throughout your generations, in all your settlements: you must
not eat any fat or any blood (3.16-17)
            Don’t “suck the life”
      “dressed in all our Sunday best” rather
      “for what few coins the congregation could
            These sacrifices are above and
beyond the tithe!
      God’s gift to us: “For God so loved the
world that God gave….”
      The Butterball Thanksgiving Turkey Hotline
            Give the best, not the worst
      Meal – worship includes food
            Eucharistic celebration
            How we eat day to day
            Eating WITH others
You shall not omit from your grain offerings the salt of the covenant with your
God; with all your offerings you shall offer salt (Lv 2.13)
                  Persian term for traitor:
“faithless to salt” (Fausett’s Bible Dict)
                        Harming someone who has
eaten your food
                  Eating together is the way you
make covenant
                  Symbol of being incorruptible,
lasting (FBD)
      Importance of the rapidly disappearing
family meal
      “dinner on the grounds”
            “many were the souls that were
      Discipleship modeled, Paterius: “examples
of the elders”
            Becoming an “analogy” of those we
honor/respect in the Lord
Receive the gift
      God has made provision to deal with our
guilt and sin

      God has made provision to connect us in
life-giving, in community