Dixie Fire personal story

Dixie Fire personal story

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Thursday August 5th - Greenville is gone
By now you know much of Greenville is gone including the Methodist Church. Suspect my house is gone. I have heard from some of the folks.  

The fire roared into Greenville and propane tanks started exploding.  

Concrete buildings may be empty shells - as the Sheriff's station is; we are not getting pictures and no one here has a radio that works. There is a Local Assistance Center that will be opening at 11 this morning --- we may get more info there.

Ken Donnell made it out barely. He was here. We did get several more from Greeneville last night. Others are telling me the town just 'exploded' and I have seen videos of buildings burning along 89: the bank, sherriff station, hotel, professional building housing the community service district and the physical therapist and TANIF. The grocery and Mohawk gas station are gone.

Circuit leader Pastor Becky Stockdale was here last night and we prayed and talked. She will be here later at the Relief Center.

Meanwhile we still need rain - this beast isn't dead, yet!   I do know of one injury - he was treated HERE - but have not heard of any others and so far no lives lost, but we may know more on that later. I'm not sure about some of my neighbors who may not have gotten out, and I pray that they DID get out safely and that they have someplace to go because they aren't HERE.  HERE is not full == at least not inside.   There may be folks in RVs and Campers outside - and I know of one tent out there.  

GOD STILL HAS US IN THE PALMS OF HIS HANDS!  HE KNOWS ALL.  In time, we may understand why this has happened -- but for now, we can only pray and let HIM DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. I'm trusting and believing that HE has something better planned for us, and that these agencies that will be at the Assistance center are being USED BY HIM.  FEMA is noticeably NOT HERE.

Please keep Greenville in your prayers. There is always the 'chance' that something survived.

God have mercy on us.

Marj, from  from the Springs of Hope Red Cross Shelter in East Quincy

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