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Faith Endures: FaithWorks (4)

. 4 min read

12.1-3, with Isaiah 40.28-31

Review: Hebrews 11

“God’s classified” “Wanted: Someone to dream big, dare big,
risk and give everything, just like the heroes and saints of ages past”.

Faith commended to us, faith commending us to God
Faith risks – Abraham
Faith abused – Moses

To a people experiencing renewed persecution and urged to

Today’s theme: Faith endures.

Open: 1992 Barcelona
summer Olympic Games

            400 meter

Redmond takes the lead, blow hamstring on backstretch

            crumbles to
the track as all others run past him

            medics with
stretcher, gets up and hobbles/hops

            dad, Jim,
in the top of the stands, runs through security and joins him

Difficulty: Endure hardship as discipline

            we hear “punishment”
and put this into the “fault” category

did I do to deserve?

happened because of my sin/mistake

            CONTEXT: an
athletic metaphor (not an explanation for suffering)

– athletic discipline – character revealed thru adversity

hardship AS discipline” – how we receive and live it

us bitter or better?

            CAUSE: wide
range of biblical reasons given for suffering

specific to the event itself

biblical hardships are unexplained, in terms of cause

randomness, and the pervasiveness of evil

why we ask: If God is good, why?

Not a reason to give up on God, but
a sign of justice and peace that God desires, and a desire given to us by God

lit Greek “sons” (good to translate as “children”)

text echoes “son” in Hebrews 5.8 (Craddock)

“Although [Jesus] was a Son, he
learned obedience through what he suffered”

Focus section:

“For the sake of the joy” (Craddock)
translations, “instead of” – cross OR heavenly joys

translations, “for the sake”, poses another problem:

is the relation between the suffering of the cross and JOY?

salvation, to be both “pioneer and perfecter” of our faith

No matter how tough the road, there is JOY ahead

“Set before us” (2x)

            the race,
for us … we do not choose the path or the obstacles

            the joy,
for Jesus (and for us who endure)

cancer, grief, mental health, addiction,
financial struggles, HIV, divorce, job loss

No matter how difficult the journey, one who LOVES us
sees ahead

STORY: Spectating at pick-up soccer

“Looking to Jesus”

            Jesus as
Model, rare in NT, though not limited here to Model

Jesus “endured”; once (same word), us (“persevere”, 12.1)


cross” (12.3)

            he is not
simply waiting for us at the finish line, as our goal

            he – who
understands every human weakness – joins us on the track

Redmond with Derek)

No matter how dark the moment, we are never left ALONE

Look to Jesus

            If you lost
your focus

            In the

            In your

            In your


Derek Redmond and father Jim, 400 meters:

Fred B. Craddock. 1998. Hebrews in The New
Interpreter’s Bible, Vol XII.
Abingdon Press.