Faithful in Exile (4): Wading In

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Note: We had some technical difficulties with the tripod, so there will be more shakiness than typical.

Christ Church, Mountain Top
Psalm 46
Luke 5.1-11
Ezekiel 47.1-12
15 years ago, a prayer day story: Water rising in the Susquehanna
      Power, danger:
            “It was a river that I could not
cross” (47.5)
it all starts with a small trickle
      (47.2, otherwise translated “flowing” or
“coming out”)
      Threshold, facing east, southern side of
      South of altar and out the east gate
            Permanently sealed because it is the
LORD’s entrance, 44.1
            Water flows out the southern edge of
the gate
trickle, Hebrew mepakkim
      Hebrew’s version of “glug” – from pak, for bottle
vision in Biblical story (sources for Ezek, Ezek as source for)
      Eden – 4 rivers that water the earth, Gn 2
      Zion as the mountain of God, e.g., Psalm
46.4, “river whose streams make glad the city of God”, God ruling over the
      Revelation, including multiple trees of
life, with a different fruit each month, and leaves that offer healing to the
nations (Rev 22.1-2)
it all starts with a small trickle

sea of stagnant waters” (47.8, Dead Sea), made fresh!
      Swimming in the Dead Sea (about Jan 1995?)
      Renewal of the creation – what is dead
becomes fresh and alive
            Pollution – invisible buried trash,
invisible in the air, invisible chem
            Litter – defiling what is otherwise
pristine wilderness
            Climate change – we could be past
the point of no return
      Renewal of the world’s peoples – healing
& Palestine; Afghanistan; Iraq; the Ukraine – no possibility of peace?
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” – really?
American children coming to the US for asylum with stories of sexual abuse and
the murder of loved ones – and we are both unprepared and, in many areas, unwelcoming
to God’s “little ones”
      Renewal of our souls – healing (biblical)
goes beyond body only
John 7.38 – out of the believer’s heart
shall flow rivers of living water (we are the temple!)
            Heal me, hands of Jesus,
            And search out all my pain
            Restore my hope, remove my fear
            And bring me peace again
Me, Hands of Jesus,” Michael Perry, UMH
#262 (cited in K. P. Darr, 1607)
for this vision:
      The arrival of the glory of God – the same
vision of wheels & creatures
      A vision of renewed temple worship –
Worship transforms!
all starts with a small trickle
5.4 – “launch out into the deep”

Katheryn Pfisterer
Darr, 2001, Ezekiel, in The New
Interpreter’s Bible, Vol VI,
Abingdon Press: Nashville.