Fiat Lux - the message

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Conversation starters:

  • God creates time by separating light and darkness to make the first day. “And the LORD said it was good.” How is your relationship with time?
  • Take a few moments to thank someone for specific ways they share the light of Christ with the world.
  • Among other things, baptism is about change, the change God makes when God makes things new, when God says “let there be light” – again. What changes do we need to make to share this light with the world?
  • Jesus is sent into the wilderness, a place of testing, where things can get “wild.” How can we support each other through the wilderness in which we find ourselves?
  • Love is a concrete action, not just a feeling. And love is what the light of Christ is all about. It often requires risk and sacrifice, and is most frequently manifested in simple acts of hospitality. How is God calling you to spread the love?