From Bishop Park on the West Virginia floods

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June 30, 2016
“In the day of my
trouble I will call you, for you will answer me…
Give me a sign of your
goodness, that my enemies may see it
and be put to
shame, for you O Lord, have helped me
and comforted me.”
(Psalm 86:7 & 17)
Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
news has shared with us the horrific devastation of the floods in West
Virginia. Tragically, there has been the loss of many lives along with the
material losses in this recent flood. Some say that it was the worst flood in a
century. Many churches and communities within our Annual Conference experienced
similar floods not that long ago. There is no way to adequately describe the
emotions and heartaches that come with such losses. I am compelled to come to
you with an urgent request. I come with an invitation for the generous spirit
of the people of the Susquehanna Conference to respond to this most recent
natural disaster of historic proportions.
and foremost, please pray for the people directly affected by the flood. Pray
for Bishop Sandra Steiner-Ball, the West Virginia Conference leadership, and
the laity and clergy, as well as the affected families and their communities.
Much of the destruction has occurred in places that could least afford such a
tragedy. We shall partner with our sisters and brothers not only within our
denomination but also with all of the residents of that state. When one of us
suffers, we all suffer.
there is a need for financial assistance to help the people and the churches
and homes rebuild. There is a long journey ahead for them. We know that there
are still persons in New Jersey recovering from hurricane Sandy. I call upon
the churches and pastors of the Susquehanna Conference to consider collecting
an offering this coming Sunday, July 3rd, or the next Sunday, July 10th to help
provide the needed resources for recovery. I know that you will be generous.
Checks for the offerings received should be made out to the Susquehanna
Conference with
2830/West Virginia Flood Relief in the memo line
and sent to
the Conference Office, 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-3179 (if
from a church please include a remittance report with your church information).
have been faithful and generous partners in Christ’s ministry in so many
amazing ways. Truly, I am blessed to serve the Lord with such giving and
serving people of the Susquehanna Annual
You in Christ’s Ministry,

J. Park