From our new District Superintendent

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     I love Legos and I always have.  Back in the day, that meant a sack full
of random blocks that we just built and tore apart, and rebuilt to our heart’s
content and at our creative mind’s bidding.  Unfortunately, we also
eventually got rid of them somehow, which would have saved me hundreds of
dollars in the parenting game more recently.  But, even now, I love Legos,
and luckily get to share that with Henry, too.  We’ve been to LegoLand,
Lego Stores, Lego Conventions, and basically have a lego room at our house,
which contains some other toys, too.  Last summer, we saw an amazing art
exhibition in Philadelphia creating and recreating stunningly beautiful works
of art from these simple toy blocks.  When you visit my office, you’ll see
replicas of the NYC skyline, Trevi Fountain, the White House and Big Ben. 
In a few months, when Henry (our 8-yr old son) and I complete it, there will be
a replica of the Tower Bridge, 40 inches long and containing 4295 interlocking
pieces that will join them – a gift from our church in Montoursville, and by
far our biggest build yet. 
phenomenon of Lego even led to a documentary, released a few years ago. 
In that documentary, I heard the words, “At the core of what is human is the
capacity to build.”  I think that the Lego is a powerful symbol of the
calling of the Church, and the power of the Holy Spirit to take something
ordinary, and through the miracle of connection, make something new and
beautiful and extraordinary – something that reflects the color and creativity
of the Creator – and that something is community.  I agree that something
at the very core of humankind – how we were created by God, is the capacity and
the desire to build.  But not to build just anything – to build connections.
I am incredibly excited at the privilege of serving among you in the Lewisburg
District!  I hope to start building those connections among us in the
first months of my superintendency: through one-on-ones with every pastoral
leader in July and August, our welcome picnic at Knoebels in August, beginning
to visit churches in the district for worship, and other gatherings of leaders
that are already in the works.  Know that Barb, Henry and I are praying
for you, and anticipating with great joy the work of the Holy Spirit in
building the kingdom together during this season!
Larry Leland