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Giving Thanks - Cathy Gegaris' story

. 1 min read

This has been such a difficult year, the loss of too many friends that have passed, COVID, Isolation, Fear, anger, pain. So many adjectives to describe this year. Has it been hard to give thanks? Yes, it has. So I try to think of the dark and move it to the light. (Cathy shares a graphic responding to the question, "Who do I want to be during COVID-19?" The graphic has several nested ellipses, moving from dark to light, from fear zone to learning zone to growth zone. Examples include moving from "I complain all the time" to "I show empathy to myself and others.")

My fears during COVID: Time missed with family and friends, knowing in my heart and mind the difficult course ahead for us.

Worried about my daughter and granddaughter - both nurses, both at risk every day. Worried about our sons who both work and are at risk for COVID.

Unsure of how we begin to live with COVID, so many will not follow guidelines and this puts us all at risk.

Phone calls, emails, cards –trying to stay emotionally connected and physically distant.

Praying and meditating every day, asking for God to give me purpose and direction when I feel empty.