Giving Thanks - the Orbin's story

Giving Thanks - the Orbin's story

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Dave and Kathy Orbin have been raising dogs for The Seeing Eye for several years. Their recent graduate, Maize, has now been placed with someone. You may well have met Maize as she joined us in worship and other community activities. Below is a thank-you note they received from Seeing Eye. (The photo is from the day they made their vows and joined Christ Church.)

Dear Orbin Family,

It is my pleasure to inform you that your girl, Maize, has graduated! Congratulations, she's a real live Seeing Eye dog!! You did a great job raising this pup and now she's out helping someone.

Maize will spend her days guiding a wonderful gentleman who is a first-time guide dog user. Maize will be living and working in a medium size town in New Jersey with her new travel partner. Maize's forever person lives at home with his wife and his grown children visit often with grandchildren. Maize is going to have lots of play time with the kids which we know she'll love! Although Maize's new master is retired, he's very fun and active. He generally walks a few miles every day just for exercise. There will be lots of guiding to and from social gatherings, running errands, events for the grandkids, and plenty of exercise walking.

Maize was great in class showing her grit while guiding through busy streets. At the same time, she is sweet and always looking out for her new travel buddy. Maize was a lot of fun to train. She has a very fun personality that made her fun to work with. She did her job when asked to and turned over to her new master quickly. I'll always remember how she would dive her shoulder into the ground and keep her butt in the air when getting pet. So silly!

I can tell how hard you worked with a young dog like Maize, and it shows. Her obedience was great and she always settled nicely even when she wanted to be up and looking around. Her good behavior is all thanks to great puppy raisers. Maize's new master wanted me to thank you personally for all the hard work you did with her. He greatly appreciates it. I would also like to thank you for everything you do for The Seeing Eye. Without raisers like you we couldn't do what we do! So thank you! I'm so sorry I couldn't meet you at the town walk. I hope to meet you at a town walk or Family Day one day! Thanks again!