Hmong ministry in Minneapolis

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By: Christa Meland
On Sunday, just eight months after launching worship, Northwest Minneapolis United Methodist Ministry baptized 18 new Christians in Long Lake. The Hmong ministry is one of the Minnesota Conference’s newest church starts and is supported by the conference-wide Reach ·  Renew · Rejoice campaign.
After worshiping at a park near the lake and enjoying a potluck picnic, 13 adults, one youth, and four children took their baptismal vows and claimed a new identity in Christ.
As each person approached the water, onlookers sang the chorus of the song, “Down to the River to Pray,” and they applauded as each new follower returned to the shore.
“This was brand new people hearing the gospel for the very first time and coming to Christ together,” said Rev. Dan Johnson, Twin Cities District superintendent. He and the ministry’s leader, Toubee Yang, performed the baptisms together.
In all his years of ministry, Johnson said he’d never baptized 18 people in a single day.
“It was like living Acts 2—with teaching, breaking of bread, fellowship, and prayers,” he said. “It was a combination of reverence and seeking the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with joy.”