Holy Trinity!

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May 2018, Christ Mountain Top, Trinity, Memorial Day
the Psalm, Psalm 29
John 3.1-17
Romans 8.12-17
video, “My Story: Phil Solliday”
invitations to go into debt:
      Pre-approved, Selected
      We’re calling about your credit card
don’t “owe” the flesh anything, because our flesh is “hostile to God” (Romans
8.7). Part of that hostility is our own destructive urges. The other part of
that is our own good works, good works that proceed from our willpower as “good
people”. Those good works accomplish nothing except creating the illusion that
we don’t need God, or that we only have a limited need for God: “I got myself
half way to God, half way to salvation.” So, I’m better than those who really need God.
      “We are debtors, not to the flesh” (8.12).
The illusion of our goodness only serves to put us in debt to our own selves,
our selfish perception of our superiority, our independence from other lesser
mortals and even from God. The debt to the flesh separates us from everyone
else, separates us from God. But it doesn’t seem
to do that. It’s shiny, it says that we’re good people – golden, platinum.
Membership has its privileges! What’s in your wallet? Sign here and you can be
the proud owner of … debt. Only later do we realize that we are in way over our
head to a “spirit of slavery” that rules through fear (8.15).

we are debtors to the Spirit of God.
      Not the kind of debt that gets you into a
deeper hole
      The kind of debt we owe to someone who has
laid down life or limb for us – countless service men and women who died for
our freedom. Or to Jesus, who died for our salvation.
      Or, in the language of this text, the debt
you owe to a loving Father that can never be repaid and is not designed to be
      “You’ve been preapproved,” God says. I’ve
already chosen to love and forgive you! I’ve called you to be my child.
family: adopted and bio children. “The chosen ones.”
 When we cry,
“Abba! Father!”  16
it is that very Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of
God,  17 and if children, then
heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ…
      Heirs – that means that when God dies, we
get it all (and God died!)
      Trinity Sunday: Abba Father, Spirit
bearing witness, Heirs with Christ!
to Batman:
“Holy Trinity, Batman! The Joker has done it again!” No. God has
done it again.
Philip’s story (video):
      Not by his works – not a debtor to the
      Having confidence that he is God’s –
knowing that he is going to heaven, knowing that Jesus is his personal Savior. “It
is the Spirit bearing witness with our spirit.” Similar to the theme from John
15-16, last week, “The Spirit will testify.” Similar to the theme in 1 John
from the week before, “There are three that testify, the Spirit, the water, and
the blood.”
      “Holy Trinity, Batman! God has done it
      Phil: He didn’t “get it” until that day,
despite experience in church. Maybe this is the day it will click for you.
But we struggle
with this promise. We struggle with “a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear”
      I can’t be forgiven (YTC)
      My anxiety, my covenant
      Pascal: Certainty, certainty, heartfelt
joy, peace
      Charles Wesley: in Christ your Head you
then shall know, shall feel your sins forgiven, anticipate your heaven below
and own that love is heaven.
and heirs
of his suffering and his glory