Hope for an internally displaced family

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*Barbara Dunlap-Berg 
EAST DARFUR STATE, Sudan (UMCOR) – In December 2013, fighting broke out between the Maalya and Rizaigat tribes in East Darfur state, Sudan. When another tribe warned of imminent danger, Mona and Ahmed and their six children fled Um Rahouba village. 

“We left everything behind—our home, our livelihood, the crops, and the land,” Mona recalled. “We thought about nothing but to flee. It was too difficult to take anything; the situation was terrifying. We ran even without water or food, carrying the little ones. We were very tired and frustrated. Luckily, we managed to contact our family in Adilla who sent a lorry [motor truck] for us.”

Finding temporary refuge, the family crowded into their relatives’ small house.

“UMCOR relieved our hardship,” a grateful Mona said. “It was really hard to believe that we’ll continue our normal life back again. Though it was a bitter experience, it gave us the strength and faith that God always graces us with his mercy.”

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