Improving Livelihoods in South Sudan

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A gardener in Yei, South Sudan, tends to raised nursery beds covered by straw which protects the seedlings from the harsh sun.

South Sudan continues to face a number of significant challenges. Decades of civil war, insecurity and ongoing conflict have resulted in a collapse of its local economy and of essential basic services such as health, education, water, and sanitation. What’s more, food and income insecurity is leading to hunger, disease, and migration.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) in South Sudan is working to improve livelihoods through food production training and income generation opportunities for returned refugees and host communities in Mugwo and Kenyi Payams of Yei and Lainya counties. Vulnerable women, orphans, and people living with disabilities also will benefit from this livelihoods program. 

Through a series of activities, including seed fairs, where tools and seeds are provided to men and women farmers; honey production training; and rice and vegetable production, about 950 people will benefit from improved income, increased food production, business ownership, and more. 

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