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In Mission Together - a New Paradigm

. 1 min read

Whereas a traditional approach to mission is often needs-based, short-term relief, the new vision of partnership embraces asset-based, long-term development.  Partners commit to one another through an IMT 50/50 Partnership Covenant. It’s a sacred covenant to participate equally, 50/50, as the body of Christ by utilizing everyone’s skills and resources. A 50/50 framework prevents dependency and fosters self-sufficiency. These principles address systemic issues rather than treating symptoms. 

IMT is GLOCAL (both global and local) and equips you with core values that are cross-culturally appropriate for variety of contexts whether in the US or around the world.  We have a team of IMT Partnership Coordinators ready to assist you with training and resources to develop a 50/50 partnership within your community or another country.

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