Jennifer's Grace Story

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Thanks to Jennifer for sharing her story on Sunday 6 October! The text of her remarks is below.

A few weeks ago, when Pastor JP spoke about grace for the
first time, he asked the congregation about when our personal moment was that
we accepted Jesus.  I sat in the pew and
I asked myself the same question.  I have
to say that needed to think about it. 
Before I go any further, I have to let you know that I’ve grown up in
the United Methodist Church.  I grew up
going to Mt. Pocono United Methodist Church. 
I participated in all the activities: cherub and youth choir, youth
group, bell choir, summer music camps, Sunday school from a toddler to senior
in high school and was confirmed in the faith. 
So, I did it all and I feel I learned a lot in the process.  However, I don’t think I knew everything was
truly real until 11 years ago when my father passed away.

My father had his share of medical issues, and ultimately he
died from having blood on the brain due to a stroke.  He was not a candidate for any type of
medical intervention; the doctors did not think he would survive any additional
procedures.  And since he had a living
will, we (my family & I) waited for nature to take its course.  For 3 days we sat by his bedside.  My mother, brother and 3 sisters were there
every day.

The night before my father died we thought he was going to
pass.  So one by one, we went to his
bedside to say goodbye.  I was not
married then, so I asked my mother to go with me into my father’s room.  I didn’t know what to say.  And I remembered that my mother taught me
that when I didn’t know what to say or needed help, I should say the Lord’s
Prayer.  She always said it covered
everything.  So together we said it, by
his side.

My father lived for another day.  And that night we were all in his room,
telling stories about Dad, things he would say, family vacations, and laughing
a lot.  I think for a moment, we forgot
how grave he was.  Then with no warning,
my father opened his eyes.  He did not
speak.  My mother moved to the opposite
side of the bed where he was looking at the window.  She said to him, “George, it is ok.  You can go.” 
And with that, his eyes closed and he died.  Standing at the foot of the bed, I could see
the life leave his body.  It was as if
his spirit in a glow left him and I could see it go, from his head down to his
feet. I remember saying out loud, “Did you see that?”  I don’t remember if anyone said anything in
response.  But I felt at that moment, I
saw a miracle
. It was a privilege to be there and see the
life leave his body.  At that moment, I
knew everything I had been taught was true. 
I didn’t believe just on faith anymore. 
I now know that it is all true.