John Dean Town Clinic

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A once-dilapidated clinic, with no water, electricity, or trained staff, has received a new lease on life, thanks to the Abundant Health initiative and the work of the Liberia Annual Conference health board. 

The John Dean Town Clinic is the only health facility serving the remote John Dean Town community in Grand Bassa County, Liberia. Until recently, most care, including that for pregnant women, newly delivered mothers, and babies, was provided by traditional birth attendants with limited skills. This often led to negative outcomes for mothers and babies. 

Now, with support from Abundant Health and the Liberia Conference health board, the John Dean Town Clinic has the capacity to provide community health education, delivery services, medicines, medical supplies, immunizations, family planning services, and treatment for common childhood illnesses. The clinic has hired a new nurse midwife, built a well with water piped to the clinic, and established a regular supply of medicines. The resident nurse/midwife also helps train Community Health Volunteers to serve the community and encourage mothers to have their babies at the health center. 

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