Protecting patients at Mary Johnston Hospital, the Philippines

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Last May, when 72 people died in a factory fire in the Philippines, the world grieved. This was just one event in a series of natural and man-made disasters that the Philippines has experienced in the past. So, disaster preparedness has become a national concern and priority. 

The Health System Strengthening program of Global Health is working to eliminate one potential fire hazard and threat that currently exists at Mary Johnston Hospital, a 120-bed United Methodist teaching hospital located in the Tondo area in the city of Manila. 

The hospital, built 110 years ago, is not equipped with the proper fire safety measures in compliance with new government requirements and regulations. And, due to the close proximity of the hospital to residential buildings, a potential fire could not only threaten the hospital but its patients, staff, neighboring homes, and an entire community of nearly 26,000 residents who rely on the hospital’s vital health services. 

In response, Global Health is partnering with Mary Johnston Hospital to provide the necessary funding to ensure this United Methodist hospital has what it needs to protect its patients and community. 

The funding will support the installation of a hospital-wide automatic sprinkler system, as well as an access ramp that will extend from the ground floor to the third floor, providing a pathway in emergency situations for non-ambulatory patients. 

Your gifts to Global Health, Advance #3021770 makes projects like this possible, protecting the lives of vulnerable populations and their basic access to healthcare.

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