Living Room/Lawn Chair Church - Outdoors 6 June

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10:45 am

This Sunday, we will be celebrating the Lord’s Table at both of our in-person services as well as online. Our in-person tradition has changed. We now serve a double sealed wafer/cup combination, distributed by the servers by dropping into the hands of those present in worship. We will also be celebrating Confirmation by a couple of our young people at the 10:45 service.

Weather permitting (and right now it looks perfect), the 10:45 service will be OUTDOORS this week. You will be able to sit in the sun or under the shade trees between the sanctuary and the driveway. And, once you take your seat you are welcome to remove your mask. (If weather does not permit, we will move the service into the sanctuary.)

We continue to register folks (just as we always took attendance) and you can do so in advance at