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July 2019, Christ Mountain Top
the Scripture, Psalm 27
Matthew 13.44-46
Philippians 3
going on
      Versus legalism (become Jewish, be
circumcised, observe Torah)
      Versus libertine (follow desire, “god is
their stomach”)
in each contrast is Jesus first. All about Jesus.
      “I want to know Christ and …”
images used:
      Accounting language of profit/loss (gain,
      Racing language, forgetting what is behind
and pressing on
      “I have more”
      Trophies, SAT scores, NHS president,
student body president
      My dog is smarter than your honor student
      “I am out of my mind”
Corinthians 11:23
 Are they ministers of
Christ? I am talking like a madman– I am a better one: with far greater
labors, far more imprisonments, with countless floggings, and often near death.

Toons – trying to get a scale to level – a feather and a lead weight
absurd a contrast as Paul sets up with his competitive boasting, he says all
that greatness is “rubbish”, “worthless” when put on the scale opposite Jesus,
having Jesus in his crucifixion and resurrection. He embraces all that loss in
order to gain Christ.
      Like the person who finds the treasure in
the field, the merchant who finds the priceless pearl
I would rather not experience … dad, sons, wife. For Paul, only one thing
matters. “One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after”
about us? What does this look like practically in our lives? Each of us has a
different story, and each of us must learn what the Lord requires of us
Jordan story
Jordan founded an interracial community in rural Georgia long before anyone
knew what “civil rights” were. 
It was controversial, to be sure, and always in some kind of trouble
even though Clarence Jordan came from a prominent and respected Georgia
family.  In the early 50’s he approached
his brother Robert to ask for legal representation for the community.  (Robert later became state senator and
justice of the Georgia Supreme Court).
      Robert: I can’t … political aspirations
… might lose everything
      We might lose everything, too.
      It’s different for you.
I rem, day we joined the church, same question from the preacher:
“Do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”  I said Yes, what about you?
      I follow Jesus, Clarence, up to a point.
      –the cross?
      That’s right.  I follow him to the cross, but not on
the cross.  I’m not getting myself
      Then I don’t believe you’re a
disciple.  You’re an admirer of Jesus,
but not a disciple of his.  I think you
ought to go back to the church you belong to and tell them you’re an admirer
not a disciple.
      Well, now, if everyone who felt like I do
did that, we wouldn’t have a church, would we?
      The question is, Do you have a church?
Haurwas quoting Jim McClendon in Unleashing the Scripture, 50-51]
about us?
·       Do
you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
·       Or
do you “live as an enemy of the cross of Christ”?