Love with God's Love

Love with God's Love

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July 31, 2023  By Rev. Eunha “Grace” Kim Choi

Growing up as a pastor’s kid in a rural village of South Korea, I read biographies of missionaries and had a vague idea of becoming one – one day. During my four years of college, I diligently studied the Bible with Navigators International (an international Christian discipleship ministry). However, I fell into a spiritual stagnation when I found myself unable to escape from the constraints of legalistic faith. The more I tried to live devoutly, the more drained I felt.

One day, I prayed to God, saying, “Let me personally experience your love before graduation.” At that time, I went through a period of complete isolation because of physical illness. It was a time of tears and wilderness, where only the Word of God and prayer brought me comfort and sustenance.

Then one day, God spoke to me through the Book of Romans: “Love completely fulfills God’s requirements. Love is the only law you need.” God met me and healed me. Those words brought me immense freedom. I learned that any act of service that doesn’t begin with love is neither beneficial to the one serving nor to the one being served.

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