Meditation and Affirmation

. 1 min read

  • Lord, surround us with safety and love
  • Help us create peace and harmony within our community
  • Fill our world with joy in these troubled times
  • Let us trust in the process of life
  • We are SAFE
  • We are at PEACE
  • Clarity and harmony are within us
  • All is well

Heavenly Father, allow our minds to relax and be at peace. We know there is none like You on earth or in heaven. Your children have gathered this evening to worship in your presence and sing your praises. Our provider and light of the world, we put all of our trust in You. We give thanks to You that we can all be here this evening and pray for those who cannot. Bless us so that we can show the world your goodness and light. Let us be filled with your presence. AMEN.

Prepared by Cris Solliday for the Saturday evening Open Table service, on the final weekend that we were able to gather in person.