Mission Central and the Ukraine

Mission Central and the Ukraine

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Second update:

As we continue to pray for peace, we wanted to give you an update of the medical supplies enroute to Ukraine.

On Friday morning, we received a call from Tatiana who was looking for medical items to send to Ukraine through Word of Life Baptist Church. Thanks to your support, Mission Central was able to supply many of the things she needed. These items included: gauze pads, medical dressings, antiseptic treatment, alcohol pads, adult diapers, catheters, masks, isolation gowns, syringes, Tylenol and flu medications, sutures, medical needles and more.

Tatiana and her husband, Dennis, arrived with a cargo van shortly after we finished sorting and packing on Friday afternoon. As we were loading the medical supplies into their van, they shared stories of those living in Ukraine and what is going on now. They told of homes being bombed, individuals sitting in bunkers for over a week, nursing home challenges, mother’s giving birth underground, and people who ran out of their homes with nothing more than what they had on. We saw pictures of empty grocery store shelves and saw the devastation of war.

After we loaded, Dennis and Tatiana took the items to be sorted and labeled in Ukrainian so that they would be able to enter the country. Saturday evening, the supplies left the United States for Poland via airplane so they could be driven into Ukraine and immediately distributed to those in need.

First report:

As we continue to pray for protection, reconciliation and peace, Mission Central is supplying assistance and material goods for Ukraine.

This week, one church picked up 400 Mission Central Care Kits and others collected medical supplies. These medical supplies included: gauze, medical tape, dressings, bandages, wound treatment, thermometers, flu medicine, hemostatic agents and more.

All items are currently in route to Ukraine to assist those in need.

As we continue this work, we are currently collecting:

·     Band-Aids

·     Gauze Rolls and Pads

·     Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Dressings

·     Wound Treatments

·     Alcohol Swabs/Pads

We will continue to assess needs and this list will be evolving and changing over time.

You Can Help!

·     Pray for those impacted.

·     Make a monetary donation to Mission Central

·     Donate medical supplies