Mission Central & Children with AIDS

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“Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us.  None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.”  (Psalm 40:5 NIV)

I am a volunteer with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS based in Harrisburg, PA.  In addition to sending life saving medicine, we also send 4 or 5 cargo containers full of medical supplies and equipment to our partner clinics in Africa each year.
Several years ago, Jean Norris from Mission Central in Mechanicsburg, had the vision to connect me with a sewing group from New York.  Debbie Underwood and a group from the Hands of Hope HUB in Cortland, NY were involved in a sewing ministry making infant clothing and quilts.  They gladly donated some of their hand-sewn items to us.  AFCA was thrilled to accept their donation and sent the clothing and quilts to our partner clinics that have maternity wards.
Over 18 months went by.  The executive director of AFCA asked me to try to increase our supply of baby quilts and infant clothes.  I remembered our donation from the Courtland, NY HUB, but I hadn’t talked to Debbie in such a long time that I wasn’t sure if she would even remember me.  I took a chance and reached out to her via email.  I re-introduced myself and asked if she remembered sending items to AFCA and if she would consider doing so again.
Debbie responded and told me that her group had been sewing items specifically for AFCA for the past 18 months!  I will never forget that wonderful surprise!  It brought tears to my eyes.
PRAYERS: O God, our Help in ages past—our Hope for years to come, we are grateful that You know what we need before we ask, and that in Your benevolent Love you provide for all our needs.  We praise you O Lord.  AMEN.
(Betsy Dorsey, Warehouse Manager, American Foundation for Children with Aids)