Mission Central Medical Ministry

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Mission Central
Medical Ministry
In 2009, the group Radiologists Without Borders, donated an MRI
machine to Mission Central. We planned to hold it until a developing
country could be identified that could accept it. 
Upon delivery, we learned of two rather large challenges — The
MRI unit needed a constant source of electricity, which became very costly and
the incredible weight of the MRI made it nearly impossible for many countries
to accept the donation because they didn’t have a sufficient road system to
carry the weight or size.
In the fall of 2011, Central America had been devastated by storms
and flooding. The Ambassador from Honduras came to Mission Central to see
what relief supplies we might be able to provide. 
He was just amazed at the things he saw and what he learned as he
toured the warehouse. At one point, he saw the MRI machine and inquired
about it. We were more than happy to offer it to him…but how would we get
it to Honduras?
A number of volunteers used various connections and we were able
to find a local trucking company who volunteered to move it to Tampa, FL and
even took care of all the permits and paperwork. Once in Tampa, the Honduran
Ambassador was able to get it onto a Chiquita Banana boat, where it was
transported to Honduras.
Honduras did not have a proper road system to handle something of
this size. In fact there really was not even a highway system in place. A
couple of years prior, they had commissioned their first “super highway” that
ran from their main port, where the unit would be unloaded from the ship to the
capital city, where the hospital was located. The ribbon cutting ceremony
and grand opening of this highway had happened just a week before the unit left
the Mission Central parking lot. 
Before leaving the parking lot, volunteers and staff at Mission
Central gathered around the MRI unit. They prayed in both English and
Spanish and everyone laid hands on the machine. Reports came back that
upon arrival in Honduras, after all of that travel, the hand prints all around
the machine were still visible.
Now, years later, the MRI machine is unbelievably helpful to the
medical community in Honduras.
We see many “God Moments” like this. Many of them come
from our medical ministry. Mission Central collects gently used medical devices
and supplies for distribution to those that are in need.