Mission Central story

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The building we know as Mission Central is a warehouse.  Many ministries are housed in that building. One of the Ministries is the Computer Ministry, which began in 2002.  Their purpose statement is: “Reusing technology in support of God’s people in a digital world.”  The Computer Ministry collects computers and computer equipment and refurbishes it, then donates the equipment to non-profit ministries and organizations.  They also send unused computers, parts, cables and equipment to be recycled.
Computer ministry is not only housed in the Mission Central warehouse, but works in cooperation with and support of the Mission Central ministries.  Deb Harden, former Executive Secretary at Mission Central, writes, “Computer Ministry is always willing to help us when we have a financial need—being a sponsor for events like the Gala, helping us with funds to replace the parking lot pole light fixtures, purchasing shrink wrap in bulk, vacuum cleaners for the office and a pallet of salt for snow removal.”
Computer Ministry experiences many God Moments in the course of their work.  Bob Shreiner, Computer Ministry Executive Director, says that the first “God Moment” I can remember was when somebody came in, looking for four Pentium 4 computers, which were the newest you could buy at the time.  We told the person who had requested them that it might be some time until we would get this type of computer, but we would let them know when we received some.  About two hours later, someone came in and gave us four Pentium 4 computers.
This was just one of many ways God has helped the Computer Ministry serve others.
PRAYER: Creator God, thank You for the opportunities You give us to work together to carry out Your work in the world.  Thank You for the work of the Computer Ministry and the many ways they use technology to enhance the life and work of others.  Thank You for blessing us and for allowing us to share our blessings with others.  AMEN.