"Mother of the Disabled"

"Mother of the Disabled"

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By Alvin Tiri Makunike
Aug. 26, 2022 | CAPE TOWN, South Africa (UM News)

Inside the brightly colored building, kids of all ages and abilities sing, dance and learn.

The children don’t know that they are living in the most dangerous, gang-infested township in Cape Town, said Nontuthuzelo Nozulwane, founder of Nomaxabiso Centre for Children.

More than 100 students attend the center, which offers education and care for children with special needs. The school also provides preschool instruction for kids in the neighborhood.

Cape Town is the capital city of Western Cape Province, with a little over 5.8 million inhabitants. The childcare center is situated in Philippi East, a township with a high rate of crime, drug abuse and unemployment.

“This is one of the most dangerous areas. People get shot and nothing is done,” said the Rev. Brian Marimira, a United Methodist pastor who led nearby Bethel United Methodist Mission for two years. He said it pains him to come back to the neighborhood and see the needs of the community.

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