Norway to Liberia: Let there be Light

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Children sing during a celebration marking the gift of solar power, funded by the United Methodist Church in Norway, to the Bishop Judith Craig Children Village in Liberia.

By Julu Swen
Nov. 9, 2017 | MONROVIA, Liberia (UMNS)
The Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village is now washed with light from more than $35,000 worth of solar-powered electricity donated by The United Methodist Church in Norway.
The lights enabled by the electricity will enhance the lives of the children, students and the surrounding community of Juazon, home to the village.
“With this electricity, our lives will be improved, including the security of our facilities,” said the Rev. Robert N. Sieh, director of the children’s village.
… “The village and the people of the village is all that the children have, and it is not the will of God that anyone should be poor,” Skjorshammer said, challenging the church to open the doors of opportunity for the children to step through.