Oklahoma ministry helps prisoners reenter society

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A view of the courtyard at the United Methodist Exodus House in Oklahoma City where former prisoners can find a spot for reflection. Photo by Boyce Bowdon, UMNS.
By Boyce BowdonOct. 3, 2018 | OKLAHOMA CITY

The 20th anniversary celebration of Exodus House — a United Methodist residential ministry for those recently released from prison — brought back vivid memories for Shane Vaughn.
“Exodus House is where God turned my life around,” said Vaughn, one of 75 people who attended the Aug. 20 gathering.
“Before I came to this place, I had been released from prison three times. When I got out each of those times, I went back to my same old haunts, hung out with same guys, and did the same stupid things that had gotten me into trouble before. And the same thing happened: I went back to prison.”
He explained that while he was in prison the fourth time, he met a team of Christian men who were witnessing to the miracles God had performed in their lives. Being with them, he says, helped him realize the way he was living wasn’t working.
“I was an alcoholic and a drug addict. If I didn’t get sober and straighten up, I was going to be in prison the rest of my life. That’s not the life I wanted, but I didn’t think I could change. The men helped me believe I could. They helped me get in Exodus House when I was released.”