On the move to MountainTop

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I am reminded of God calling Abram (a.k.a. Abraham): “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you” (Genesis 12.1).  He leaves behind so much, so much that is familiar and good, in order to be obedient in pursuing God.  And, in the process, he is blessed and becomes a blessing to others in ways he could not have anticipated.  That’s my prayer for our family, for our churches and communities.

I am reminded of Jesus’ instruction to the disciples when they collect the donkey for the ride into Jerusalem.  When asked, “What are you doing, taking my donkey!” — and I assume it was not a polite question — they were to reply, “The Lord needs it.”  Our part is to say “yes”, pack our bags, and step out on a new adventure.  God goes before us to prepare the way.  Please join us in prayer.  (And help pack, or unpack, depending on which end of this adventure we meet you!)

The announcement of our pending move, shared at Bethany Church on Sunday March 17
The announcement of Bethany’s new pastor, shared at Bethany Church on Sunday March 24