One in a Million

One in a Million

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The United Methodist Abundant Health Initiative reaches and exceeds its 1 million children goal…and keeps going

By Christie R. House

January 21, 2021 | ATLANTA

Mrs. Rose O. and her husband conceived three times in their marriage, but Rose lost every baby during her 5th or 6th month of pregnancy after suffering with a high fever. “When I announced to my husband that I had conceived for the fourth time,” she explained, “he sent me back to my family because, according to him, the problem was purely family genetics, and that my family would have to correct it. He said I had no need to visit a health center, as I had done that with the other three pregnancies and it didn’t help.”

In fact, Rose’s husband forbade her to go to a health center for any examination or treatment because he was sure her parents would have the knowledge to remedy the situation. At heart, he didn’t want to lose another child any more than she did, and they were both concerned and did not know how to proceed. Another loss would be devastating.

But while she was staying with her family, Rose was introduced to a group of nurses and community health workers from the United Methodist Diengenga Maternity Center who were visiting her parents’ community to reach young pregnant mothers like her. They were well aware of the common causes of miscarriage and the danger signs for pregnant women.

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