Pastor donates 500 trees

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The United Methodist Church in East Congo is helping protect the environment by planting trees. Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda, whose office is located at The United Methodist Church Mission of Lokole in Kindu, said reforestation not only aids in the fight against global warming, it means “fresh air” to breathe. Photo by Judith Yanga, UMNS.

Judith Yanga; June 2, 2017 | KINDU, Democratic Republic of Congo (UMNS)
“We cut trees from our forests every day for domestic use, it is good to think of replacing them in order to protect our environment against global warming. Our concessions must be surrounded by trees to allow fresh air (to breathe), where it is good to live,” said East Congo Area Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda at The United Methodist Church Mission of Lokole in Kindu, where his office is located.
In setting up priority plans for the church in East Congo, Unda emphasized the need for the fight against global warming to cut across every program area of the church.
The Rev. Paul Omba, director of program and development of the East Congo Episcopal Area, urged local church clergy and laity to take the lead by bringing one tree each to help reforest Kindu.
Félix Okende, pastor of the local Francophone Church of Tokolote, answered the call with a gift of 500 trees, which included eucalyptus, palm, avocado, mandarin and orange trees, for the reforestation efforts.