Peculiar Limo

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When you see a stretch limo cruise by, you probably wonder who is inside. A celebrity, a CEO of a large company, a foreign dignitary? For people in the know in Peculiar, they are more likely to think, “Probably some kids going to youth group at their church.”

Peculiar UMC does not own a limousine. The church’s pastor does, though. It’s his daily driver. Rev. James Stanfield-Myers bought a Jeep a while back with the intention of handing the keys over to his son, Whitman, when he got his license. That seemed like a long ways away when Whitman was 11 years old, but the fateful day came around. Stanfield-Myers considered replacing his Jeep with another one, until he started pricing them. 

“They had gone up significantly,” he said. So, he started brainstorming, and shopping, about what kind of fun wheels he could get that wouldn’t break the bank, knowing that college bills loomed in the future. During his initial online shopping, he learned that you could get a real deal on a used hearse. “We figured our home owners association would not appreciate us having a hearse parked in our driveway all the time,” Stanfield-Myers said.

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