Practice in the New Year

. 1 min read

Each year, I give prayerful consideration to expanding my spiritual practices. For this year, I am attempting to read through the Scripture using an “app” on my phone (and computer). Having already begun (about two weeks into it now), it is truly FUN! “Boring” sections (genealogies, for example) are broken up (in the reading plan I have chosen) with regular excerpts from multiple kinds of literature. My current schedule has a psalm, a section from Genesis, a section from 1 Chronicles, and from Luke each day. It is easy to read, fits into the little cracks in my schedule, and adds Scripture to my life in a new way. I encourage you to check it out: YouVersion or This app, along with, offers audio options as well so that you can listen through the Scriptures as an alternative to reading through them.

Have a great 2014!