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Prayers for Ukraine

. 1 min read
Read an update and prayer request from John Calhoun, a United Methodist missionary serving in Ukraine.
Dearest friends of the UMC in Ukraine,
Peace to you all from Kyiv.  It is midday on Wednesday, and for the past 24 hours the center of Kyiv has been the scene of violent clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police.  The clashes began yesterday afternoon near the Ukrainian parliament, and by nightfall had spread to Independence Square, where protesters have been encamped since late November.
Since yesterday, at least 25 people have been killed, and over one thousand injured.  The casualties include both protesters and the police.  Many buildings surrounding Independence Square have suffered fire damage.  At the moment, there is an uneasy standoff between hundreds of police and many thousands of protesters in the square, but the mood remains extremely tense.  The government has placed the blame for the recent conflict on the opposition leaders and has vowed to clear the square of all protesters.
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